Nick Colt

Full Name:

Nicolas Kelley Colt


Were: Werewolf


Need, Captivate, Endure, Entice

A boy who Zara meets upon moving, Nick is a werewolf who becomes deeply engaged in the struggle against the pixies. He is something of a loner, but shares a romantic relationship and a close bond with Zara amidst the conflict. Despite his slight loner nature, he protects others, but to a different degree than Zara. He is described as tall and attractive. His father is a shifter but it is later revealed in "Captivate" that Nick's parents are dead. He has a major temper and an even more major tendency to do reckless things in order to save others.

In the first two books of the Series Nick is Zara major love interest. After Nick is taken to Valhalla as a fallen warrior, Zara and the rest of her friends (Devin, Issie and Cassidy work with Astley (A Pixie) in order to get Nick back. In Need and Captivate, Zara mentions he is a good cook.