Betty is the family member who Zara lives with upon her arrival in Maine. She possesses an unusual array of talents for her age, and supports those who oppose the pixies. She is also a "were" who can turn into a tiger. She is the town paramedic, so is constantly being called away in a medical state of emergency. She is a terrible cook. She usually wears plaid flanell shirts, despite being a grandmother. Despite these various quirks, she is also a strong grandmother to Zara. 

Grandma Betty




Were (Were-Tiger)


Need, Captivate, Entice, Endure


Zara (Step-Granddaughter), Ben (Husband) - deceased,

Betty has grayish/orangish curly hair and has light amber brown eyes, (Zara often notes how her Dad [step dad] resembled his mother Betty). She is Zara's only grandparent and is actually her step-grandma. She was married to Ben - who had passed away between the events of the last pixie attack (which involved Zara's mother) and Need. Betty is mentioned as being big on Fairness. She is sarcastic and witty with a bit of a mouth and very sweet too. 

Betty used to head up a life insurance company until her husband died. After she retired, she participated in the Boston Marathon at age 65, then became a blackbelt, then later an EMT.